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Out & About – October 19th, 2014

Kim and Kanye were spotted out and about yesterday in Calabasas, taking in a movie and also spotted later at Taco Bell. I absolutely love Kims outfit in these candids and i definitely have to find a look alike or outfit identifier. If anyone knows, please email me.

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Gunnar Shares Kim’s Workout Tips!

The Kardashian family come in all shapes and sizes and the man behind making them look their best is trainer to the stars Gunnar Peterson.
And now he has revealed the secrets of his work with A-listers, which also include Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey.

Kim Kardashian is well-known for her hourglass figure, but it doesn’t come easily to the reality star.

‘Obviously there’s a genetic predisposition but Kim works so incredibly hard,’ Gunnar told MailOnline. ‘Squats, lunges, sleds, and deadlifts. She’s not tall either.

‘She just trains – she’s one of the hardest working people inside and outside the gym. Just grind, grind, grind. The work Kim puts in she knows it pays off, I did some of her post-baby training too.’

In fact, the 33-year-old is so dedicated to her fitness that when she couldn’t stop talking about her workouts, Kanye West dropped by to see what was going on.

‘After a certain period of time the spouse shows up. Whether it’s with them or to drop something off,’ Gunnar reveals.

‘Kanye’s been here, it’s not jealousy… I don’t think they’re worried about that but what happens is their training becomes so much a part of their daily speech they want to check it out. You can’t help talking about a good session.’

In Venice Beach – October 18th, 2014

Kim was spotted last night at Gjelina in Venice Beach looking fabulous in beige

Out & About – October 18th, 2014

Photos have been added to the gallery of Kim (and family) yesterday as they went to the pumpkin patch and also later in the day when they visited a restaurant in LA. Can we just take a moment and look at how cute North is, and also how amazing Kim looks in her outfit? WOW!

Out in Beverly Hills – October 16th, 2014

Kim along with Khloe, was spotted out and about in Beverly Hills yesterday looking like a stunner in her all black emsemble. Check out the latest photos in our gallery

Heading Photoshoot – October 15th, 2014

Kim was spotted yesterday in LA heading to a photoshoot. Check out the photos

Out in Hollywood – October 11th, 2014

Kim and Kanye were spotted out in Hollywood the other day for a romantic outing. Both of them looked so happy and I love seeing the love and chemistry between them in candid photos. Check out the candids as Kimberly looks amazing!

Another KKTTH Promo

KKTH promo by khloekardashianfans

Thanks to KhloeKardashianFans.com for the new promo video Kim is featured in

Nordstrom/Tilbury launch – October 9th, 2014

Kim and Kris attended the Nordstrom/Tilbury launch at the Nordstrom Grove in LA last night and looked great all in black. Check out the event photos and more to come